32-Wheel Roller Suit Invented By The “Rollerman”!

This 32-wheel roller suit is amazing. It is invented by Jean-Yves Blondeau – known as “Rollerman”, French designer and a stuntman that is adrenaline addict. His creation, the 32-wheel roller suit has rollers on most of the major joints, the torso, and the back. This suit allows him to travel in many different positions like, upright, prone, supine, on all fours, etc., at speeds of up to 70 mph (112 km/h) in downhill. Jean-Yves Blondeau  has been shown up in several film productions, in the Stan Lee’s Superhumans show, several commercials, and the Jim Carrey film Yes Man, and he trained Jackie Chan to use a roller suit in the film – Chinese Zodiac.